“The ethics of aesthetics and the aesthetics of ethics: for me, they go hand in hand. I love to surround myself with beautiful things, but I cannot conceive of something beautiful which is not also functional.”

The basis of my cucina POP translates into design objects, that in turn, generate a web of ideas that, woven together, reinforce each other and become stronger.

I have given a form to functionality and practicality with Passepartout, a piece of cutlery that fulfils three tasks while at the same time saving space on the table and economizing on dishwashing. There is also a version that, without losing its versatility, remains a spoon to catch the last few drops of sauce but is also a fork for spaghetti with longer tines.

The rationalisation of space continues with my plates – Sky, that because of its dimensions, means that it can be used without the usual plate underneath it, and Land that has an oblique bottom.

The line of glassware, Verre D’O, respects the principle of practicality, and consents diners to look each other in the eye, and thanks to the shorter stem, it is easier to load in the dishwasher, causing fewer breakages.

Meanings become my containers, suited to showcase and highlight the contents.
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